It is time to move away from the traditional Business Process Management. Relationnal capital is the most valuable company asset.That is why Business contact managers need to protect and efficiently manage this capital to avoid missing Business opportunities

Profil analysis

Easyshairpro new and innovative feature allows you to analyze your contact’s profile based on their e-mail address and gives you relevant information to facilitate communication and prepare a more personalized and tailored speech to the person in front of you.

Email Finder

Today with Easyshairpro you can quickly find the email of the person with whom you want to communicate with based on a smart and simple search.

Synchronization with google contact

A synchronized database with your Google contacts is an advantage that EasyshairPro offers that allows you to add a beep to your contact management process.

Contact Management

No more need to print Business cards, Save time and money using an ECO-responsible solution to exchange digital Business cards in a single click. Add reminders, tags , Communicate easily. Organize your contacts in groups the way you see fit.

Team Management

Experience unique ways of organizing Teams & individuals.  Give them the opportunity to perform efficiently. Seeking new contacts, managing their tasks & gathering further clients leads.

Set up a competitive spirit in your company by creating a dynamic atmosphere between the workers using the Gamification of the platform in place.

Task Management

Become the best task manager and Guide your workforce toward achieving goals. Assign Tasks to various team members using advanced Custom tags and filters. And Keep Track of their assignments .Get notified on the current status of each task.

Prospection management

With this contact management software maximize productivity and boost sales. View instant lists of Current Prospect activities. Monitor the communication process with your contacts and potential customers to clearly identify their needs.

Import & Export Data

Secure and reliable Cloud Service enables Lightening fast Data Transfer. With High Performing Storage Cloud capacities.Allowing you to quickly import massive data.


Your company data and its analysis is a big value added feature allowing you becoming the best
contact manager by taking the right Business decisions.

Tag Management

Categorize and label the company contacts, tasks ,deals or other records on various
parameters using customized Tags