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Termes de confidentialité

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Nous avons amélioré continuellement notre politique de confidentialité que nous pouvons mettre à jour au fil

du temps.

S’il vous plaît noter notre politique de confidentialité régulièrement pour reconnaître la dernière mise à jour.

1.Portée Applicable des termes et conditions
Merci d’avoir choisi d’utiliser les services Easyshair. Nous espérons que vous avez une compréhension claire de la façon dont nous recueillons et utilisons les informations et quel genre de mesures Vouspouvez prendre pour protéger votre vie privée grâce à la politique de confidentialité.

Lorsque vous utilisez nos services, vous acceptez l’application de cette politique de confidentialité pour vous. Si vous n’êtes pas d’accord pour notre politique de confidentialité, s’il vous plaît n’utiliser pas nos produits et services. Si vous avez commencé à utiliser nos produits et services, s’il vous plaît arrêter immédiatement.

Votre utilisation de nos produitset des services signifie que vous acceptez notre politique de confidentialité.

Grâce à ce document, nous offrons des réponses aux questions suivantes:

  1. Quel type d’informations Nous pouvons recueillir et pourquoi nous recueillons ces informations
  2. Comment nous utilisons les informations;
  3. Les options que nous vous fournissons, y compris la façon d’avoir accès à ces dernières, la mise à jour et le contrôle des informations;
  4. Vos obligations en matière de protection de la vie privée; et la sécurité de l’information.

2.Types of selection/collection of personal information

    1. 1.Why We collect information

We render services to You by means of website, software and mobile applications. We collect Your information only for the purpose of improving Your using of Our services, and getting the information that You need in a faster and accurate way.

    1. 2.Classification of information

The information generated during Your use of Our services may be categorized into the following two types by whether you are identifiable or not:

    (1)Identifiable personal information: refers to the information that may be used to directly identify, trade, discern and determine Your true identity, such as Your name,

E-mail,,address or phone number, etc..
(2)Unidentifiable personal information: refers to the information that may be related to you but cannot be used to directly identify, trace, discern and determine Your true identity, such as the records of Your use of our services.

3.What information we collect and how we collect information
1.Information You submit
(1)Registration information You submit
At the time You register Your Easyshair, in order to identify the user and facilitate contact, You shall provide the real and effective information such as Email address ,Adress, mobile phone, or others …

You agree that under necessary circumstances (e.g. to sign out account, etc.), We may identify you based on Your registration information, so as to prevent any other person from using Your identity to operate fraudulently which will affect Your normal use of Our services.
(2)Data information You uploaded
The data information You may upload when using Our services is the personal information of others and may related to the privacy of others. You shall guarantee that You have obtained the necessary authorization to upload such data information. You will be required to make proper setting so as to prevent leakage of the same to jeopardize the interests of the right holders. And You shall not make related information public without authorization. Easyshair will not disclose the data information You upload to the public without authorization.
2.The information we obtain during Your use of Our services
In order to provide better services to You, we may record and analyze the use and the method of use of Our services and any other relevant information, including hardware model, operating system version, system activities and other device information, Internet Protocol address, account sign-in or sign-out,

4.Access to, review and update of personal information
You may change Your personal information send for the sake of security, You may only do so after you log in. You shall timely log in toYour account for any update.

5.Cancellation of personal account
You may delete Your Easyshair account. After account cancellation, we are not obliged to keep information under Your account.

6.Setting of personal information
You understand and agree that the information You make public may be browsed, reposted and commented by other users of Our services. You may protect Your critical information by adjustment of privacy setting by Yourself.
We suggest You complete the privacy settings for Your information to avoid risks, otherwise you will be deemed to have accepted the default settings We provide. You understand and agree that, given that Our services include social networking services, the default setting of Products may make Your personal information available to the public in order to improve user experience, and such default setting may enable any other person to have access to or obtain Your personal information. If You hope to change such default setting, please make changes on relevant service pages.

7.Use of personal information
Your use of Our Products and services will signify that you have agreed to authorize us to collect and process Your information. We collect and use Your information to operate or improve Our services, for instance, providing user information services, avoiding Your repeated input of identical information when Your use Our services, and offering contents tailored to Your personality. We use Your information but the result of such use may be inaccurate, and therefore you are required to exercise Your own and prudent judgement when You use relevant services. You agree that we take no liability for such accuracy in respect of such use.
We may contact you based on Your personal information for sending Our updates information or service information to Your email address or mobile phone number You submitted for registration. You may opt not to receive such information. Notwithstanding Your foregoing option, we will still send special service emails in connection with You (e.g. notices about changes in service terms and conditions).
The information We have collected may be stored and processed by servers of Easyshair or its affiliates or service providers, and such servers may be distributed worldwide as required by the services. If We use Your information under circumstances other than specified herein, We will obtain Your prior consent.

8.Unsolicited correspondence or junk mails
If You make Your relevant information publicly available. You may receive unsolicited information from any other users, such as emails or SMS, etc.

9.Sharing personal information
Unless otherwise provided herein, We will not share Your personal information with any entity other than Easyshair or affiliates, partners or solution providers without Your consent, and in particularly We will not sell, lease or otherwise distribute Your information. As a portion of Our services may be provided to You as a result of Our cooperation with above-mentioned relevant companies, You consent to Our provision of Your information to the foregoing relevant companies for the purpose of providing You with corresponding services. Such relevant companies only use Your information for the purpose of providing corresponding services. We guarantee the safe use of such information by entering into confidentiality agreement or including confidentiality provisions in the contract with such relevant companies. During Your use of relevant services, such relevant companies will also undertake the same responsiblities as those we undertake in order to protect the security of Your information.

10.Disclosure and publicity of personal identity information
We respect and protect Your privacy and undertake that we will not disclose users’ personal identity information to any third party institute or person except in accordance with the Privacy Policy, unless:
1.You agree to publicize Your personal information;
2.Users’ personal information is required by law, governmental or judicial organizations; or
3.In case of emergency and where necessary, the information is required to be disclosed in order to protect the lawful rights and interests of Easyshair or other users or the public security and public interest.

11.Information security
We take various security technologies and measures to protect the information and data stored in systems against authorized access, use or disclosure of the same. For instance, the safe channel for information You send through Our services is secured and encrypted. We will use Our best efforts to protect the security of Your information, but will be unable to offer any guarantee due to the complexity of security environment of Internet. You may visit Security & Protection to further understand Our information security policy.